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This training is aimed at professional baristas who use espresso machines and want to know more about this amazing drink. We offer training for both beginners and experienced baristas.
The duration of the training is 6-8 hours. Each group consists of two people, who are given:

  • an overview of the world of coffee, the differences between coffee varieties, understanding of how coffee gets its distinct flavour;
  • roasting and its influence on the drink's taste;
  • training on the use of a barista’s tools;
  • practical training on the right use of a coffee grinder and an overview of the grind consistency's influence on flavour;
  • an overview of espresso-based milk drinks and how to make velvety micro-bubble milk foam; and
  • an overview of the basics of the art of latte.


Filter coffee training is aimed at both professional baristas and coffee aficionados who want to know more about this stylish pop culture icon. You will learn how to use this coffee maker, which was designed to make the brewing of high-quality coffee available to everyone. The duration of the training is 3-5 hours and each group consists of three people.
The training covers the following:

  • the basics of coffee and the effect of altitude, climate and coffee cultivars on flavour;
  • the coffee cherry and its processing methods; why it is called a ‘cherry’ and how a cherry pit led to the discovery of coffee;
  • the story of Chemex: from its invention to James Bond and Interstellar;
  • the art of pouring; and 'coffee bloom' and 'tail practice'.

On top of that, you get to enjoy the perfect taste of a Chemex brew.


Cupping is the tasting of different coffee varieties. Such training is aimed at people who want to know more about coffee and gain more experience in the world of smell and taste. It provides an overview of the basics of the field and the effect of altitude, climate, coffee cultivars and preparation methods on the taste. Moreover, you will realise how terrible commercial coffee actually is.

In addition to being an opportunity to learn, cupping is also a pleasant social event where you can get to know the people with whom you share these fresh flavours and feelings.

Cupping usually takes place in groups of 10 and lasts for around an hour. Cupping takes place at our roastery, where you can see how green coffee beans are roasted in addition to tasting our brews.