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Chelchele Yirgacheffe

This Yirgacheffe coffee is harvested and prepared by Metad. Metad works with local farmers who supply them with their best cherries. More than 2000 farmers in the vicinity of Gedeb currently sell all or part of their harvest to Metad.

Metad has set up a washing station in Gedeb, which offers advantages for bean preparation. It is a coffee that takes longer to dry and also suffers less damage from insects. The result is a better-quality coffee with a more intricate cup.

The group is aware of the natural wealth of the Gedeo area and promotes more environmentally responsible agricultural practices. In addition, it finances road construction and a primary school for 800 pupils.

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  • Taste description
    body black tea
    sweetness plum
    acidity jasmine
  • Region

    Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia

  • Farm


  • Varietals


  • Production

    Semi washed

  • Altitude

    2000 masl