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What is Coffee People?

What is Coffee People?

Would you believe that the best coffee in the world is made in Estonia? This is indeed the case – the Coffee People roastery near Tallinn is dedicated to finding the highest-quality coffee beans on the planet in order to make them even better by roasting them and making them available to everyone. We sell coffee and espresso machines for homes and offices, train baristas and promote the consumption of high-quality specialty coffee.

Coffee People's guiding philosophy puts people first. We see coffee farmers, roasters and consumers as part of one large community. We value personal relationships and ethical trading that allows coffee farmers to get their fair share of the price of a cup of coffee. The other end of the coffee production chain is equally important to us. It would be unthinkable to let our customers down and offer them mediocre products.

Coffee People's story is built on great personalities, too. The company was founded by Annar Alas and Heili Politanov, internationally acknowledged and certified coffee judges, who have a nose for sniffing out the rarest pearls among the world's coffee beans. Our head roaster Johan Rohtla is a coffee fanatic trained in biochemistry and molecular biology, which makes him unique in this field. The whole company is full of experts who are skilled specialists and simply great people.

In 2010, Coffee People was voted the best new coffee company in the world, placing us alongside the world's leading companies in this field. We are also the exclusive coffee supplier for several new and successful Estonian companies and a high-class restaurant in Copenhagen. Give us a try – you won't be disappointed!