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The taste of coffee depends on three aspects of equal importance: the coffee beans, i.e. the quality of the raw ingredients; roasting; and the barista who brews it. The purpose of roasting is to enhance the richness of green coffee beans and to highlight the characteristic nuances of each country of origin and variety.

Coffee People roasts its coffee beans using a state-of-the-art Loring roaster, which uses convection heating. This ensures that oxygen and flavour remain inside the beans. Additionally, the underside of the beans is not burnt, as so often happens when using the hot pans of traditional roasters, which ensures an exceptionally pure taste.

Loring has a small ecological footprint, which makes it very environmentally friendly. Loring's convection heating system saves up to 85% of thermal energy compared to roasters that expel hot air during the roasting process. The timing and heat are precisely controlled (down to half a second or degree) and each batch goes through a strict cupping process before it is sold.

Our roastery's secret weapon is our head roaster Johan Rohtla, who holds a degree in biochemistry and molecular biology from the University of Baltimore. There are only a few roasteries in the world where the process is analysed down to a single millisecond or degree, developing the taste profile further each time. In addition, our roasting methods are designed by a world-class food chemist. Johan knows what is happening in the heated beans on a molecular level and studies the connections between caffeine content and roasting and brewing in his lab.

Coffee People combines contemporary technology with scientific theory, specialist expertise and a pleasant environment. The blessing given to us by the Inga Aponte tribe adds to the mix. You enjoy the results in your coffee cup.