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Crema COLOMBIA Aguas Claras Casanare Microlot 1kg Add to cart Info
Crema COLOMBIA Aguas Claras Casanare Microlot 1kg Coffee People founder Annar Alas was invited to be a judge at Colombian National Coffee Competition where this lot was chosen to the finals. The entire lot from this tiny farm was bought by us right after the competition. The farmers were present at the auction and there were a lot of tears and emotions, when they saw the result of their hard work.
Aguas Claras coffee comes from a tiny region in Colombia called Casanare, this region is specialized on Specialty coffee. Between wax palm forests and majestic mountains, a high quality Typica coffee is grown.
Coffee Arabica Typica has been grown and perfected for centuries. The cup quality is just excellent, demonstrating outstanding sweetness and cleanliness. 

The good old berberis candy that you nicked from your grandmother’s nightstand, and a hint of earl grey to balance the taste.
Roast: Caffe Crema
WMF WMF Milk System Cleanser 1L For Basic Milk ja Easy Milk machines / WMF 1100S1300S1500S+.

To get the best out of your WMF coffee machine, ensure that you keep it as clean as possible with these WMF Milk System Cleanser.
*Please note that original WMF cleaning supplies need to be used to maintain WMF machine warranty.
WMF WMF 1300S PRICE: 4425 € + km 

The fully automatic coffee machine WMF 1300S is the latest addition to the innovative coffee machines of the WMF family. The machine is characterised by extreme reliability, robustness and performance and with a recommended average requirement of 120 cups per day it is highly versatile. Above all, it is remarkably simple to use and maintain.

The WMF 1300S features high performance, compact dimensions and user-friendly operation. This perfection down to the smallest detail is the result of years of experience, quality awareness and passion for exquisite coffee enjoyment. Its concept promises reliable service over a long product lifetime, thanks in part to simple maintenance and care.

From 0 to 120: A strong performance
Its recommended average requirement of 120 cups per day makes the WMF 1300S the perfect machine for a wide range of applications in small to medium-sized businesses in the catering industry, commercial and professional coffee business, as well as wherever value is placed on a compact and easy-to-operate coffee machine. It delivers great performance at peak times, and in quieter moments its energy-saving mode protects the environment and your budget.

Coffee grinders: The quiet heroes in the background
Thanks to two decoupled coffee grinders the grinding process is so quiet that the WMF 1300S can also be placed in offices or conference rooms. The machine can process different types of beans as the grinding degree can be adjusted manually to receive an ideal extraction of the chosen beans. The brewer made of durable high-tech polymer with a 15g capacity guarantees long life and full power in terms of coffee preparation and is easily removable for cleaning and maintenance.

WMF 1300S: A harmonious total work of art
The machine concept aims at a long-lasting, well-balanced cooperation: The high-quality components are optimally attuned to each other and work together perfectly. Robust and reliable, each component makes its contribution to the long-lasting use of the WMF 1300S.

Top performance from morning to night
Whether it's a strong espresso to wake up, a mild afternoon cappuccino or hot chocolate in the evening: The WMF 1300S accompanies connoisseurs throughout the day. Navigating the 7-inch touch display is intuitive and user-friendly, both for staff and self-service: every user can run the cleaning and maintenance programmes or set recipes, images and colour concepts.

A milk system for diversity and variety
Create a wide range of drinks in no time at all, tailored to the personal preferences of the user: cappuccino and latte macchiato with perfect milk foam, hot milk coffee and chocolate with hot milk. Cleaning and replacing the Choc Mixer is child's play thanks to the magnetic lock and sensor.

More hoppers, more possibilities
The WMF 1300S comes with up to three hoppers - two for different types of coffee beans, and one for milk or chocolate powder. An additional manual insert for ground coffee enables you to prepare new coffee types or decaffeinated coffee in portions. All hoppers are removable, easy to clean and lockable if desired.

Clean at the push of a button
This could hardly be simpler or quicker: the automatic cleaning process starts every evening after briefly pressing the power-off button. After 250 brewings, or at the latest after 7 days, a complete system cleaning takes place. All you need to do is connect the Plug&Clean adapter and insert a cleaning tablet. Once a week the milk foamer is removed with just a flick of the wrist and inserted into the WMF milk system cleaner.

True greatness is not a big deal
The WMF 1300S lets its performance speak for itself. With its slim dimensions of 32.5 cm x 67 cm x 57.4 cm it can be installed even in space-critical environments and fits perfectly in small to medium-sized bakeries, offices, fast food restaurants, convenience stores, self-service shops and restaurants.

  • Recommended for an average daily requirement of* - 120 cups
  • Display size - 7” touch display
  • Number of programmable beverages - 24
  • Nominal power rating / mains power connection - 2.0 - 2.4 kW / 220 - 240 V
  • Energy loss per day according to DIN 18873-2 - 1.02 kWh
  • Coffee bean hoppers - Left and right approx. 650 g, central approx. 550 g
  • Powder hopper Approx. 1200 g
  • External dimensions (width / height** / depth) 325 / 670 / 574 mm

Lets design your new WMF 1300S together. Leave us a message at
WMF WMF 1500S+ PRICE: 7295 € + km

Blending reliable performance with intuitive operation, the WMF 1500S+ packs an eclectic array of advanced features into its slim dimensions. What’s more, it can be tailored to meet your needs and satisfy your customers’ preferences. The WMF 1500S+ is the versatile solution for providing premium coffee specialities. It combines the high quality and long-term reliability you expect from WMF with the flexibility you desire and the variety your customers appreciate. It delivers the ease of use that ensures efficiency in both served and self-service environments. Add the benefits of pioneering digital connectivity, and you have all the ingredients you need to grow and evolve your coffee business over many years.

Flexible bean hoppers configuration
For maximum variety, the up to three hoppers of the WMF 1500S+ offer you a choice of up to 2 types of coffee beans, chocolate powder or twin toppings. Machines also provide the option of using the manual insert for ground coffee, for example for preparing decaffeinated coffee. The bean hoppers on the left and right can hold up to 1100g of beans, and the central one has a 700g capacity, while the powder hopper can hold up to 2000g of powder. To optimize their visual impact, the hoppers share a coordinated design and each comes with a lockable lid. What’s more, they are removable and dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning.

Up to 2 coffee grinders
To offer your customers a wide choice of premium coffee specialities, up to two different grinders can be used to create a range of recipes. Robust, quick and quiet, these long-lasting, high performance grinders are electronically controlled and finely adjusted.

10” colour touch display
The WMF 1500S+ immediately invites interaction with its attractive 10” colour touch display, featuring realistic product depictions and individual colour worlds. Navigation is intuitive, using familiar touch and swipe menus, with both served and self-service modes available. Perfect for presenting nutritional information, the display can also be used to show videos, for example to promote special offers at certain times of day.

The colourful 10” touch display also offers you opportunities to increase sales through eye-catching advertising or tailored special offers. So while your customers’ beverages are being prepared, you can take advantage of their time and attention.

Automatically height-adjustable spout
The spout on the WMF 1500S+ automatically adjusts to the optimal height for each beverage selected, depending on the preset value for each recipe. So beverage temperature remains perfect, and unsightly splashes of milk on the housing are a thing of the past. This feature is optional and only available if Dynamic Milk system is installed.

Dynamic Coffee Assist
Dynamic Coffee Assist permanently guarantees the highest quality of all espresso-based coffee specialities offered by the WMF 1500S+. Once beverage quality has been set, this unprecedented system continuously monitors the brewing flow, making automatic adjustments to the grinding degree or to the coffee quantity as necessary. This way, brewing time, extraction and value remain constant, so you know your customers will enjoy consistently excellent coffee.

Dynamic Milk Assist
Innovative Dynamic Milk Assist technology ensures the constant high quality of all milk drinks. Using state-of-theart sensors, it continuously monitors the temperature in the cooler and the milk flow in the machine. Based on these values, it regulates factors like the pump speed to create perfect milk foam of the pre-selected consistency. In addition, Dynamic Milk Assist can also detect when the milk level is empty, even in bag-in-box systems.

Fresh Filtered Coffee
With WMF's innovative Fresh Filtered Coffee option, for the first time you can serve fine coffee specialities and delicious fresh filtered coffee from a single machine! Thanks to our new filter capsule system, each cup is freshly brewed from aromatic coffee beans and then smoothly filtered to remove sediment and oils. Because the system ensures a constant temperature and volume, every cup of filtered coffee is as wonderfully flavourful and fresh as the last.

  • Recommended daily / max. hourly output* - Up to 180 cups
  • Nominal output / Power supply - 2.75 - 3.25 kW / 220 - 240 V
  • Coffee bean hopper - Right and left approx. 1100 g, centered approx. 550 g
  • Choc or topping hopper (optional) - Approx. 1500 g
  • External dimensions (width / height / depth)325 / 706 / 590 mm
  • Water supplyWater tank - (approx. 4.5 l) or fixed water supply

Lets design your new WMF 1500S+ together. Leave us a message at
Jura JURA E8 Dark Inox The perfect combination of pleasure, versatility and luxury
The latest generation of JURA’s most successful coffee machine model boasts a reinterpreted design and a range of benefits previously found only in the premium class.

The Professional Aroma Grinder delivers a flawless grinding result, state-of-the-art brewing processes allow the coffee aromas to fully develop and trend specialities are better than ever thanks to the airy, feather-light milk foam. The innovative E8 offers 17 different specialities – from an aromatic espresso to a trendy cortado. It can also prepare long, mild specialities such as caffè Barista and lungo Barista to professional barista standard thanks to a new fluid system. Those who like their coffee more intense can pep up their cappuccino, flat white or latte macchiato using the Extra Shot function.

With the optimised fluid system, even milk system cleaning is carried out automatically at the touch of a button – another E8 function that will be familiar from JURA’s top-line products. What’s more, it now boasts even more intuitive handling along with incredibly easy operation.

First-class coffee quality
The Professional Aroma Grinder guarantees 12.2%* more aroma and consistently high grind quality so that flavours unfold to perfection throughout the entire service life of the grinder. The Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.®) ensures maximum flavour for short specialities, while intelligent preheating guarantees the ideal temperature right from the first cup.

Luxurious operation
A 2.8" colour display, six buttons and a completely new operating concept featuring artificial intelligence enable simple handling. An intelligent algorithm identifies individual preferences and adapts the start screen so the user’s two or four favourite specialities are always displayed. Product settings and their positions on the screen can be adapted in line with personal preferences and product names can be displayed or hidden. All relevant information regarding the coffee machine as well as pending care instructions are presented clearly in the Cockpit via the display.

One-touch milk system cleaning
The sophisticated milk system cleaning process takes place automatically at the touch of a button and is completed in no time. The drip tray also meets the highest ergonomic standards. Its design prevents water from spilling and it can be removed conveniently with just one hand.

Harmonious design
JURA coffee machines feature a clean and expressive characteristic design. High-quality materials and precise craftsmanship underline the premium quality of the modern E8. Its styling alone is evidence of its quality, functionality and durability. Details such as the grooved water tank or the high-quality, chrome-plated cup grille perfectly complement the clean, harmonious design of the E8.

2 x Espresso
2 x Coffee
Cappuccino Extra Shot
Caffè Barista
Lungo Barista
Espresso doppio
Latte macchiato
Latte macchiato Extra Shot
Flat white
Flat White Extra Shot
Portion of milk foam
Hot water
Number of speciality coffees 17

JURA standards
Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.®) Yes
One-Touch Lungo function Yes
One-Touch function Yes
Grinder Professional Aroma Grinder
High-performance pump, 15 bar 1
Thermoblock heating system 1
Fluid systems 1
Milk system / interchangeable milk spout HP3
Powder chute for ground coffee Yes
Aroma preservation cover Yes

Operating and programming standards
Compatible with J.O.E® Yes
Display 2.8'' colour display
Programmable and individually adjustable amount of water Yes
Programmable and individually adjustable coffee strength (Levels) 10
Programmable brewing temperature (Levels) 3
Programmable temperature of hot water (Levels) 3

In figures
Height-adjustable coffee spout 65 - 111 mm
Height-adjustable cappuccino spout 107 - 153 mm
Height-adjustable hot water spout 65 - 111 mm
Water tank capacity 1.9 L
Bean container holding capacity 280 g
Coffee grounds container (approx. servings) 16
Cable length (approx.) 1.1 m
Voltage / Power 230 V ~ / 1450W
Ampacity 10 amp
Stand-by power 0 Watt
Weight 9.6 kg
Width 28 cm
Height 35.1 cm
Depth 44.6 cm
Nomad Nomad Drinking Chocolate Ancient Maya 40g Take a sip of Nomad Ancient Maya drinking chocolate and let it ignite your fire within. Made with a unique blend of rich Dominican cacao and traditional ancient Mayan spices, this invigorating beverage contains a balanced blend of chilli, cinnamon, nutmeg, clove and ginger for a warm fiery kick. Vegan, dairy and gluten free.

Ingredients: Organic cocoa powder, raw organic sugar, organic spices (chilli, cinnamon, nutmeg, clove and ginger powder).
Allergy Advice: May contain traces of milk, soy, Peanut and Tree Nut due to shared equipment.

Direction to use: 2tsp Nomad Chocolate Ancient Maya, 180ml Milk Heat ¼ of the milk in a small saucepan until simmering (not yet boiling). Add Nomad Chocolate and stir until the chocolate is completely dissolved. Slowly add the rest of the milk to the saucepan and stir until milk is hot.
Pour the chocolate into the cup, SIP and ENJOY!

For a vegan version use coconut, soy or almond milk. Also exceptional in cold drinks, desserts, mochas or on ice cream.

Nutritional information per 100g:
Energy 1300 kJ  
Fats  5,9 g                        
of which saturated  3,7 g                        
Carbohydrates  56,7 g                        
of which sugars  46,1 g                       
Protein 11,3 g                      
Sodium  22 mg    
Hario Coffee Grinder SKERTON Hario’s Skerton Coffee Grinder has become one of the most popular at-home hand grinders.
When compared to using pre-ground, freshly grinding your coffee will give you the biggest improvement in flavour, aroma and overall enjoyment. It really will transform your cup of filter coffee.
So, why choose the Skerton?
  • Ceramic burrs (the bit that crush the coffee beans) offer longevity and a more precise grind than steel
  • Adjustable grind size to fine tune your coffee recipe
  • Durable build with ergonomic grips and robust glass chamber
  • Easily removable silicon lid to get your beans in, but make sure they don’t come flying out again
  • Washable and dishwasher safe
  • Hopper capacity 75g, ground coffee container capacity up to 100g
Coffee contains a lot of aromatic oils which tend to escape the package.  The aromatic oils tend to preserve longer in whole coffee beans than in ground coffee. 
If the coffee is ground in advance it loses its aroma and taste quicker. That’s why it may taste a bit bitter. Therefore the best tactic is to grind the beans just before brewing. 
In doing so it is easier try out new recepies and the smell of freshly ground coffee will definitely blow your mind!
Hario Coffee Grinder COLUMN Crafted with durable wood and metal, the Hario Coffee Grinder Column Wood is as visual as it is functional. It looks great anywhere, grinds coffee with precision, and is easy to use. The ceramic burrs are designed to remain razor sharp for years, all the while grinding coffee with consistency and precision.

The grind setting adjuster offers you the ability to grind coffee for any method: espresso, french press, and everything in between.

The grinder can hold up to 40g at a time.

Coffee contains a lot of aromatic oils which tend to escape the package. The aromatic oils tend to preserve longer in whole coffee beans than in ground coffee.

If the coffee is ground in advance it loses its aroma and taste quicker. That’s why it may taste a bit bitter. Therefore the best tactic is to grind the beans just before brewing. In doing so it is easier try out new recepies and the smell of freshly ground coffee will definitely blow your mind!
Natrue Natrue Soy Drink Ingredients: Water, dehulled soy beans (13,5%), sugar (1,25%), apple concentrate (1%), calcium carbonate, stabilizer (gellan gum).
How it is made:
First, we crush the soybean, which transfers the nutrients to the water of the Montseny. The beverage is then filtered to extract the non-soluble solid particles. Then it is cooled and the salt is added to give a special touch to taste. Afterwards, the drink goes through a UHT treatment to ensure its food safety and is finally packaged.

Nutritional sheet per 100ml:
Energy value kJ 149 / 36 kcal
Fats 1,8 g
... of which saturated 0,3 g
...  monounsaturated 0,4 g 
... polyunsaturated 1,1 g 
Carbohydrates 1,0 g
... of which sugars 0,6 g
Dietary fiber 0,5 g
Proteins 3,6 g
Salt 0,06 g
Isoflavones - 24 mg

Once opened, keep it in the fridge and consume it within 3-4 days.

​Soy protein - contains 
Natrue Natrue Coconat-rice milk Ingredients: Water, rice (15%), powdered coconut milk (2%), salt, natural coconut flavour.
How its made: We select and grind the grain, then macerate it. Then, with the aid of amylases (enzymes that convert carbohydrates such as starch into glucose molecules) we extract all the nutrients and sweetness from the rice. Next, we add flavoured coconut milk to achieve the desired taste and consistency. The drink then undergoes UHT treatment to ensure food safety standards before finally being packaged.

Nutritional sheet per 100ml:
Energy value kJ 253/ 60 kcal
Fats 1,3g
... of which saturated 1,2g
... monounsaturated 0,1 g 
... polyunsaturated 0 g 
Carbohydrates 11,7g
... of which sugars 5,6g
Dietary fiber 0,1g
Proteins 0,3g
Salt 0,07g

Once opened, keep it in the fridge and consume it within 3-4 days.

Jura Cool Control 1l Black G2 Cool Control – Chilled to 4 °C for milk perfection
With the technically and visually upgraded Cool Control, there’s now an even better way to enjoy trend specialities with milk.
The innovative milk cooler not only creates the perfect experience for the palate, but looks stylish too.

Milk with an ideal temperature of 4 °C combined with optimum hygiene provides the perfect basis for creating a wide range of recipes.
Elegant design, robust materials, high-quality aluminium details and optimum convenience make the Cool Control the perfect accessory for any automatic coffee machine.

Ingenious design
The design of the Cool Control reflects the classic JURA look and is perfectly matched with the simple handling and optimum hygiene of the device. The Cool Control features premium materials, a solid, high-quality aluminium cover and elegant ventilation slots. With its clean, minimalist lines, the Cool Control 1.0 l harmonises with any JURA coffee machine.

Perfect milk results
With the Cool Control you can create fresh, fine-textured milk foam for on-trend drinks such as the flat white, with perfect results every time. To achieve this the milk is kept chilled to an optimum 4° C. The device also prevents the problem of splashing while coffee is being prepared. The continuous wireless communication* between the Cool Control and the automatic coffee machine, plus the newly integrated level indicator, ensure that the user is always reminded when the cooler needs to be topped up with milk. 
* By using the Wireless Transmitter (available as an option) the Cool Control is compatible with all JURA automatic speciality coffee machines that are equipped with Smart Connect.

Maximum convenience
The fact that milk can be added quickly and easily without needing to remove the milk container, the digital temperature display and the push-on aluminium cover, which is optimally adapted to the container, provide easy handling and maximum convenience.

Optimum hygiene
Perfectly fitting connectors ensure optimum milk hygiene from Cool Control to cup. From the high-quality stainless steel container to the suction lance, all components that come into contact with milk are dishwasher-safe, making them very easy to clean:
  • stainless steel container
  • silicone ring
  • cover
  • metal tube
  • adapter
Jura JURA E6 Piano Black Even more specialities for even more enjoyment
Simple operation, an outstanding coffee result and a clear design are at the heart of the E6. Buttons on the front of the machine and a modern TFT display help you find exactly the option you’re looking for.
Professional Aroma Grinder for ideal grinding results over the entire service life. 11 various specialities at the touch of a button – including caffè Barista and lungo Barista. CLARIS Smart provides perfect water quality for the perfect taste. Filter usage has never been easier because the Intelligent Water System (I.W.S.®) automatically detects filter presence.

Professional Aroma Grinder
12.2%* more aroma and consistently high grind quality over the entire service life are the defining features of the Professional Aroma Grinder. The perfected grinder geometry achieves the optimum grinding curve. So: A higher proportion of fine particles in the grounds guarantees that the flavours unfold to perfection.
*Professional Aroma Grinder compared with conventional grinders

Even more specialities for even more enjoyment
The new E6 perfectly combines variety with outstanding aesthetic appeal. Alongside coffee classics and speciality coffees finished with milk foam, the E6 now also boasts: caffè Barista, lungo Barista, espresso doppio and macchiato.
More beautiful than ever
The premium, chrome-plated cup grille serves as the perfect stage to showcase each and every speciality.

P.E.P.® for espressi of outstanding barista quality
The Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.®) optimises the extraction time and guarantees the very best aroma even for short speciality coffees.

2 x Espresso
2 x Coffee
Caffè Barista
Lungo Barista
Espresso doppio
Portion of milk
Hot water
Number of speciality coffees 11

Operating and programming standards
Programmable and individually adjustable amount of water – Yes
Programmable and individually adjustable coffee strength (Levels) – 8
Programmable brewing temperature (Levels) – 2
Programmable temperature of hot water (Levels) – 3

In figures
Height-adjustable coffee spout 65-111 mm
Height-adjustable hot water spout 65-111 mm
Water tank capacity 1.9 L
Bean container holding capacity 280 g
Coffee grounds container (max. servings) 16
Cable length (approx.) 1.1 m
Voltage / Power 230 V ~ / 1450W
Ampacity 10 amp Stand-by power 0 Watt
Weight 9.8 kg
Width 28 cm
Height 34.6 cm
Depth 44.4 cm
Article Number 15377
Product code EB

Standart Issue 7: Steam, Equality and Risky Business Print magazine about coffee culture and lifestyle.

In the coffee chapter, we bring you a diverse array of pieces, with subjects ranging from the crucial and pressing, to the quirky and fascinating. We consider the fragility of our rapidly burgeoning industry and how to make sure we ensure its survival. We look at how cultural sensitivity needs to be at the forefront when we deal with issues of gender at source.

As our country of origin, we marvel at the rise of Vietnam, a producer country ready to take on the domestic and international markets with vigour. And to round off the chapter, we explore the quirky and slightly macabre phenomenon taking place if cafés all over the world, where people get together, eat cake, and talk about death.

Sustainability is something we need to keep front of mind in everything that we do; this issue, we delve into sustainability at the service end of the chain, looking at how baristas can get the most out of their careers. Matt Perger sits down with us for a chat about coffee, food, information sharing and networking in the digital age, and China’s burgeoning coffee industry. Gwilym Davies finishes off his series on basic training with a skill central to the efficient running of a café, dialling in.

It’s a testament to how global our industry is that every issue we seem to be stretching farther and farther around the world. Get in gear for a tripto Toronto, where we check out some of the coolest places for coffee in the North. Once you’ve had your fix and consumed more maple syrup than anyone has a right to, swing over for a lazy pint in a London pub as we chat to the playwright behind a play set in a timeless coffee house.

We’ve included a creative piece that provides us a seat at a tense breakfast with the parents in ‘The Breakfast Place’. Finally, to wrap it all up, we take a look at the travelling cup we all love — how its rise was beckoned in the modernity — aluminium engineering, steam trains, aeroplanes, and a world made irrevocably smaller, never to be the same.
Issue 10: Mystery of Gesha and DJing Print magazine about coffee culture and lifestyle.

"Aside from it’s unique ‘ flavour sensation’ gesha is remarkable because no one knows where it really came from. It’s the mystery of the coffee world." We cover the criticism Brazilian coffee faces, examine Colombia's past, and investigate the mysterious origins of gesha.

"Good coffee isn’t going to rescue a mediocre operation." David Donde, founder of Truth Coffee Roasters shares this and other philosophies in Meet Your Barista. We conclude the chapter by discussing activism and defining between direct and performative methods.

"The worst part about my job is that there’s so much music and I can never listen to it all." Coffee pairs well with so many things and music is one of them. In Meet Your Guest we interview Cheryl Waters, DJ for KEXP Seattle. From the American west coast, we take you to Tokyo where we share some of the best coffee this amazing city has to offer.
Standart Issue 6: Overheard Conversations and Lattes The issue opens with a meditation on the parallels between coffee cupping and the use of contact sheets in photography, before moving to a microscopy photo essay allowing you to explore caffeine from really, really close up. Next, we get some lessons on botanical nomenclature and clear coffee communication. Our country of origin profile covers Papua New Guinea. 

We’re pleased to present baristas from Toby’s Estate and Phil & Sebastian for our 24/7 profiles this issue. This chapter also covers the fine art of manual brewing and getting yourself set up for home roasting. In Meet Your Barista, we sit down with independent barista and French barista champion Charlotte Malaval. 

We return to the theme of art in this chapter, asking why art and coffee shops go so well together. Next, we take a peek at the inner workings of your espresso machine, then ponder the seeming futility of the quest for the perfect decaf soy latte. Issue sponsors Espresso Supply graciously allow us inside their headquarters for a conversation and tour, so don’t miss out!

Get to know Wellington, New Zealand, and the fascinating world of cups with Acme & Co.’s Jessica Godfrey before traveling to Brazil to chat with a coffee picker. If you’re reading this in a café, you’ll be interested in taking a peek at our piece on overheard café conversations. Finally, join us for a conversation with Hanna Neuschwander of World Coffee Research.

In this issue, we profile the coffee scene of Mexico City in all of its sweetness before reflecting on the power of coffee to promote deeper local experiences as we travel. To conclude this issue, we take a look at the social power of coffee in South India.
Standart Issue 9: Rainbow Lattes and the Origins of Specialty Every issue of Standart is beautifully designed and the content carefully curated in order to bring you into a one of a kind experience. It should be meaningful, enriching, and inspiring - Standart Issue 9 does just that!

Issue 9 begins with a simple question, “what even is a latte?” However, the answer is a bit more complex as we examine the growing trend of rainbow lattes, discuss the material coffee from an academic perspective, explore the region of Myanmar, and ponder the origins and meaning of “specialty coffee”. 

After getting the chance to hang out with 2016 US Barista Champion Lem Butler at the London Coffee Festival, we knew we had to get a conversation down in print. A man that’s had his mind picked about coffee competitions by everyone in the biz, we settled into talk on music, vibes, family, and what’s next for Lem.

Aside from quality offerings and genuine hospitality, there are also more subtle factors that make up the appeal of a coffee shop. We talk architecture, color palettes, lighting, and seating with Lea Mičudová and Michal Mačuda of BONBON, a top-of-the-game architecture firm in the Czech Republic. 

​Erin Meister is a longtime coffee professional and journalist who just published her first book, New York City Coffee: A Caffeinated History. In Standart Issue 9, Erin invites you to join her as she shares NYC’s longstanding obsession with consuming coffee in record breaking amounts.
Standart Issue 5: Blood, Money and Avocados Print magazine about coffee culture and lifestyle.

In the coffee chapter, we explore some lesser-known elements of supply chain economics, the scientific research that could lead to disease resistant coffee, take a trip to the the home of Geisha—Panama, and delve into the artistic side of coffee and film. 

For baristas just starting out, or practiced steamers, our training manual on milk is sure to contain some valuable pointers and reminders. We trace the daily lives of baristas in Costa Rica and Tokyo before showing you home best to go about setting yourself up to make espresso at home. Finally, Michael Phillips joins us to speak on cross- cultural coffee, training and education, and what automation means for the industry. 

We explore the ritual of avocado on toast in this chapter, and once we’re done with breakfast, get ready to explore your spirituality as we serve up your coffee horoscopes. Once you’ve come down from that transcendent moment, read and in-depth profile on our sponsor and one of the most exciting equipment brands in coffee,Alpha Dominche.To top it off, we have illustrated some of the most famous coffee-related quotes in Classic Literature. 

The more we indulge in the specialty coffee industry, the more we discover that it’s all about the people. We speak coffee and academia with anthropologist Merry White, the practices and philosophy behind one of Australia’s most successful coffee shops, and drown ourselves in the booze of the underground with a piece on speakeasy bars. 

Standart is currently available in 54 countries (and counting). ‘The language of coffee is universal’ says Michael Phillips in his interview with us, and that’s what this chapter is all about. We move from a history of the coffee house in 20th century Baghdad, to rollicking third wave coffee scene in the English city of Oxford, all the way to the farthest expanses of Europe for a look at how coffee is developing in provincial Russia, before reading about the most captivating global competition in coffee.

Have your own private coffee tasting aka Cupping

A mini-tutorial that is meant for people who would love to know more about coffee, who would love to open their minds and taste buds on another level. During the cupping tour we talk about the basics of coffee. Where it comes from, how it gets its tase etc. We taste a lot of different coffees and take a look behind the scenes of coffee production.

Every training is conducted by one of our professional Coffee People cupping masters and a maximum of two coffee lovers.

The event takes place at Coffee People rostery at Sära tee 9/1, Peetri.

We kindly ask you to arrive 5 minutes before the tour begins, so we can wash our hands and inform you about the health and training requirements.

As times are a little hectic and the coffee roasting times are not set in stone, we cannot guarantee that the roasting process can be shown during the tour.


Price for one participants 55€ and for two 75€.


If you already have a cupping gift card purchased or received as a gift, please contact us directly at for the cupping time.

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WMF WMF 1100S PRICE: 3590 € + km 

Looking for a way to give your staff extra energy and your guests a distinctive welcome? Investing in a professional coffee machine is a smart solution. The WMF 1100S offers a variety of delicious, top-quality coffee and chocolate beverages at a finger touch. Ideal for locations with limited space and high standards, its compact design holds many premium features usually found in larger models.

Colour accents
The powder-coated outer walls of the WMF 1100S come in a choice of five preconfigured colours, with many more available on request, as an optional extra. Whether you want to match your coffee machine to the decor of your workplace or your corporate design, you’ll find the perfect solution.

Professional brewer
Constructed with a high-quality polymer to ensure a long service life, the professional brewer of the WMF 1100S is lightweight, removable and has a 15g capacity.

Twin toppings
The WMF 1100S gives you the possibility to enhance your menu of beverage specialities with two different toppings, for example milk and chocolate powder, an option you’ll find on hardly any other machine in this class.

Steam Jet
Featuring advanced WMF technology, the SteamJet warms every cup in a few seconds using the natural power of steam. So every beverage is not only served at the ideal temperature but also remains hot for longer, for true coffee perfection.

Intuitive touch interface
With its vertical swipe function, the intuitive design of the 7” colour touch display is easy to navigate, and you can customise the colour scheme and button layout to your specific requirements.

Advertising on display
You can take advantage of the colourful 7” touch display to show advertising images to your customers or guests while their beverage is being prepared.

Hot water spout
A separate spout for dispensing hot water makes it easy to prepare tea and other infusions at a touch.

  • Recommended daily / max hourly output* - up to 80 cups
  • Nominal Output / power supply - 1,9-2,3 kW / 230 V
  • Energy loss per day according to DIN 18873-2 Topping / Basic Milk - approx. 0,76 kWh / day
  • Outer dimensions (width / height** / depth) - 325 / 500 / 561 mm
  • Water supply Tank - approx. 4,5 litres
  • 1 grinder
  • water tank
  • integrated milk mixer
  • hot water outlet
  • Steam Jet
  • power supply 230 V

  • 2nd grinder
  • powder hopper
  • fixed water kit
  • Basic Steam
  • bean hopper enhancements
  • powder hopper enhancements
  • grounds discharger through counter
  • coin checker
  • coin changer
  • card reader

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